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We examine Picasso paintings and other works in different ways

Examination From Photos

From high quality photos, using digital image analysis software and large size monitors. If the photos have a high resolution they can be enlarged to show the most minute details down to the brushstrokes.

Examination From Video Feed

Virtual examinations are done with video calls similar to business Zoom meetings. It helps to have a handheld camera that can be moved all over the painting.

Examination at Art Storage Facilities

We examine artworks at the art storage facilities that exist now in all the major cities. The artwork never leaves the facility and the examinations are done under video monitoring.

Examination at Your Location Anywhere in the World

Finally, we examine paintings and other artworks in person, at your residence, in your office, at your bank, in your attorney’s office, in your hotel if you are traveling, or anywhere else where you prefer to do it. We examine in the entire US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, India and Singapore.