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There is more than one way of authenticating but it always begins with research or with performing some tests.

The purpose of research is usually positive. It is to show that the artwork had been seen in the past, had been mentioned, or perhaps had been exhibited, or had been sold, or bought, or stolen, or that some writings indicate Picasso was working on this or that idea, or project.

The purpose of tests is usually negative. It is to show that a painting is too new, or too old, or that it contains materials Picasso didn’t use. The purpose of tests is mostly to eliminate. If the test is positive, if it says: Yes, Picasso used these materials, all we know is that it could be by him. Maybe. Perhaps. Nothing else. It does not demonstrate, prove, establish that he did it.

This is why between research and tests, it is only research that authenticates.

This is also why we have all these art historian researchers in the Picasso archives, Picasso libraries, big museum libraries, in Spain, in France, in New York, in Washington, because it is from the research that the confirmation will come that yes, this is an authentic Picasso.

If you think you have an authentic Picasso, let us authenticate it for you. We know exactly how to do it. We’ve been doing it for 21 years.