It is awfully hard to sell art by someone as famous as Picasso without being able to show a Certificate Of Authenticity to reassure the buyer that it is authentic.

Even if the art looks believable, good, genuine, the buyer will request a substantial discount because there is no COA.

As for auctioneers, they will not want to touch it. They won’t sell it for you.

If something happens to it and you submit a claim to your insurance adjuster, the first thing you will hear back is “Do you have a COA?”

So here you have it again, the haves and the have-nots, of a COA.

You need a COA.

We provide COAs. We issue COAs. And we don’t even charge for the COA itself.

Even better, our COAs are strong, respected, because they are based on solid, reliable, thorough authentications.

Whether you have a $5,000 Picasso lithograph or a $25,000,000 early Picasso painting, you need a COA.